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Hello everybody!
I'm an beginner-hobbyist artist and writer, and I'm looking for a team. I prefer 2d vector art, but I can make pixel art  aswell. I'm trying to learn 3d art in blender.

I'm looking for a long-term co-operation. I don't know how many I want to make a team with, but there's 2 important things that I can't do: programming and music.
At the begginning I want to make small games, just for practise, but later we can make bigger games.

I'm looking for making a team with hobbyists just like me (it's okay if you're good, as long you aren't armorgames)

We can share ad revenue.

I'm willing to do any genre of games, except RPGs.

My website is:

Please pm me if you want to start a team.

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I know you said your website is in your profile but have the courtesy to post it here as well. Also, having at least SOME art from your portfolio being posted here would also be nice because we would have an idea of what you can do IMMEDIATELY instead of having to click your profile THEN your site.


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Beginner is an understatement.  From what I saw in your other thread, your art is pretty much programmer art.  I know this sounds harsh, but no one is going to work with you if they can already make the same or better art as you can.

Yeti Ball

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Clearly, the OP is a beginner (and rather young, seeing is how he is still taking field trips with his class and has a bedtime according to his blog).  Of course there is nothing wrong with being young (in fact I think alot of us here might wish we could turn back the hands of time a bit  :'(). 

I remember when I was a little kid creating art in Kid Pics during computer class and then graduating to MS Paint once my folks got a PC (running Windows 3.1 showing my age).  My advice to you, Ben, is as you seem like a rather motivated guy, learn and practice as much as you can.  Rely on yourself, and keep your expectations realistic.  If you are really as young as I suspect you are, you are a lucky guy because of all the amazing software that is out right now there for you to learn and all the time in the world to learn it. 

But like Rob said, I wouldn't count on anyone helping you out until you have something to offer them.

Keep working on your graphic design and illustration skills and learn Blender and Stencyl and make a few games.  Keep working at it and in time you should have no problem finding people would will appreciate your skills and want to collaborate with you.

(Edit: if you are in fact in a middle age guy or something like that please ignore everything I just wrote.)

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Thanks for the tips Yeti!
Yes, it´s true that i´m young (i´m 12 years old), but i´m very serious about my art.

By the way, by "bedtime" i just ment that i was getting tired.


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Clearly, the OP is a beginner (and rather young, seeing is how he is still taking field trips with his class and has a bedtime according to his blog).

Sorry but I lol'd at that  :P

But really Ben, keep working hard dude.  I wish I was into digital art and game development when I was your age.  Be prepared to make some bad games; it's a part of learning and growing.  Take care and we'll be here to help you in the forums.


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Hey, im 12 too and would think that we could do some good development together if you would like to team up? 
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Hi i was looking for a team  as well I will be happy to join you
                                :D :D :D
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I'm 10, but I know a lot about programming
Here my knowledge:
-Some AS3
-What resources is useful from StencylForge
-Small and easy
-Nothing -_-"
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Everybody, you can only join our team if you are a decent musician. And i DO NOT want to join another team.

We are already 1 artist and 2 programmers, so we DO ONLY NEED musicians.


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No offense but I suggest you to work alone or 2 people instead of a big team of inexperience and unprofessional members because working with other people requires additional team management and limits your freedom.

All people in the team have to work together the right way and everything has to be planned much better which takes a lot of time. Of course, a team can be more efficient than a single person, but that is hard to achieve. Especially for small projects like flash games.

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They're not listening, kynbo.  Let them find out the hard way ;).


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Originally, i just wanted to collab with a programmer. But now we´re 3 (that´s not too many for me), and i´m not going have more people on the team.

I have a small question about making music: When musicians make background music for games, do they then make everything on the computer, or do they start by using real instruments (I´m begginning on a guitar/bass course in september, so i wanted to know about i could start making music before the class in free programs).


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^Most musicians that make music specifically for games do it on the computer, but you still need to know basic music theory if you want it to sound good. If you actually wanted real instruments recorded for your game it'd be pricey, not to mention you'd have to make sure it's the kind of music you even want to have for your game.

In short, game music is usually composed and created using a program on the computer. Popular choices include Famitracker and the like.