What is "x-normal of collision" and "y-normal of collision"


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Just what do these mean in layman's terms?


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I think this old quote from Jon explains it well:

Normals are the same as they are in math/physics. Best if I just show a picture from the box2d manual:

90 degree angle to the surface, sticking out.
I think we use it in BB to reverse direction.


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Do you understand what these are now?
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This is a bit of a necro on this thread, but some expansion upon the nature of the X/Y normal would be great. I notice it being used a lot in the shipped-with behaviors and, as such, it seems like it must be a pretty useful tool to be able to call on! I've used X/Y collision comparison in the Brick game in Challenge Chapter 3 to adjust how the ball bounces based on where it hits the paddle, but even so.. there's surely situations which would put preference on the normal use rather than the flat x/y coords.