Open URL in browser not working.


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Hell everyone,

I see that there is no way of opening a URL in an swf anymore. I used it before and I am pretty sure it worked then. My entry into the newgrounds comp needs to have the stencyljam logo that links to the stencyljam official page, without that, I don't think they'll accept it because it doesn't comply with the rules.

Anyone else know how to make this work?



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Have you tried publishing your game here on the Stencyl site just to check for opening a URL?

I exported a .swf from Stencyl 2.2 and ran that using the standalone debug Flash player. Opening a URL worked, so your published game should be OK. It seems to be only when testing from within Stencyl where it doesn't work for me.

Another thing to note about Newgrounds is that when I was checking my game I'd published there and using Internet Explorer 9 the link to the competition page would only open sometimes but when I used Google Chrome it was fine.


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Working now, thanks :)