Using the ë in drawing


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Hey guys,

When i use ë in when drawing the karakter isn't shown....

I want to write België but i can't only Belgie works but that is not how it is written...

Isn't there an easy solution. I hate making an actor for the ..


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AFAIK currently only regular latin alphabet is supported. I have the same problem with my language.


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Or you can use my workaround.  :),6859.msg43870.html#msg43870

Works great for wordgames in Norwegian.


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gplar, that is off limits to most of us. Can you just post the answer here, since I think that your link is to a suscriber forum.
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Sorry ´bout that. Not thinking. Here goes:

The challenge: Stencyl will not by default draw national specific characters, in my case ÆØÅæøå, which makes it difficult to draw/set labels text in other languages than English.

The workaround:
When making fonts Stencyl imports a given set of characters from a chosen font. (You can choose a TTF and import it.)
Stencyl imports Characters 0021 through 007E, ! to tilde, check the bitmap saved to an Atlas.
This set includes letters, numbers and some other characters. (Brackets etc.)
You have to:
1. Find and download a free TTF-font. (Do NOT use installed fonts. I did and got interesting text in Safari, Word....)
2. Open the font in a font-editor, TypeTool 3 does the job beautifully.
3. Change the character set, replacing characters you will not be using, e. g. brackets, with the ones you want:
I changed
# into æ
$ into ø
% into å
/  into Æ
( into Ø
) into Å
to keep them in alphabetical order on my keyboard.

4. Import the font into Stencyl.
5.Then you have to consider the replacements in code (draw strings/label texts), by writing in your new charset. This will be transparent to the user.
I write all text as normal in TextEdit in my language and use search/replace to get the changed characters right. This would be a simple replace in your text editor before importing word lists or text strings.
It looks funny but in your game it is correct.

e.g.  a draw text/list entry of (vre would draw as Øvre.
Input from user can be handled by letting a button showing Ø send ( to compare.
(User input from keyboard is possible, but more tongue in cheek, because of keymapping in different languages.)

In this way I could now make a Norwegian version of my game WordStress quite easily, and set labels and draw strings in Norwegian.

Looks like a hassle? Works. 

And BTW. It´s a good idea to store text strings in a list, and draw/set labels from the list. Then you just switch list to change language, and the lists can be kept up to date in a text editor outside stencyl. Just keep your indexes in order. 

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