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Do you think it would be possible to develop persistant worlds similiar to runescape with flash?
If not, does anyone know any programs/sites likes this developed for Java?

thanks in advance!


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I mean developed from within stencyl works, of course...not just flash


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I don't think it is easy. Runescape has hundreds (at the last time I checked) servers running. 3d models are definitely out. Multiplayer would be hard. A flash MMO would be a technical challenge.

Games like Runescape have custom scripts written. It isn't the type of thing you could just plug and play with. I've tried before.


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If you are serious about building a flash MMO, Flash Multiplayer Virtual Worlds by Makzan is the best book on the subject. It includes most the code you need, with the exception of combat. In runs on SmartFox Server, which has a free dev version. You will probably need a copy of Adobe Flash to use it since the examples are in FLAs.

The code is not compatible with Stencyl or Flixel and requires a strong understanding of AS3 programming.

Stencyl is a long, long way off from supporting that kind of functionality. It is designed to make small games for flash portals and that is something it does quite well.

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