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Hey guys, im wondering if there is a way that all actors on screen automatically get set onto a grid tile? This way my game can be organized. Anybody know how? If you want to see my game, it is on stencylforge as collision


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Do you really need to get all actors on screen or getting all actors of a specific type is enough?

Under Scene > Actors, you find the block [for each actor of type...]. This block iterates through all the actors of a specific type, in a scene. You can use it to set the location of you actors.

I remember your game has two types of blocks, horizontal and vertical. You can use the approach above twice, one for each type of actors, and, optionally, merge them all in a single List.

Do you know how to obtain the coordinates for a particular grid tile?
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No idea... but, i've sort of stopped wanting to do this, but thx for the help. Instead, can u help me do something else? See, the problem in my game right now is that each time 1 block gets hit by another, the block getting hit moves about a millimeter, when it is not supposed to, can u help me stop this?