Useful new behaviour for platformers - "Inertia walking"


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I've just uploaded a tweaked Walking behaviour that incorporates simple acceleration/deceleration, giving a feeling of weight to the player character. If you're working on a platformer using the Walking behaviour, try swapping it for this one and see how it feels.
It's downloadable from StencylForge as "Inertia Walking", and it's totally public domain. Enjoy!


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Nice addition.

The walking animations don't work, the character is always "idle". Also, you should state the attributes Acceleration and Deceleration expect values between 0.0 and 1.0. Other values seem to have no effect at all.

You should also add descriptions to the behavior itself and its attributes, so users are more likely to download it and differentiate it from similar behaviors.
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Not to take away from what you've done here - but the Walking behavior from the Jump and Run kit also incorporates this.  There is an Acceleration value that drives how fast the Actor gets up to speed, and the Slowdown behavior determines how fast the Actor comes to rest when not pressing any directional keys. 

As I said, this is just an FYI and not meant to take away from what you've created.


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@Greg - oops, hadn't noticed that - I assumed that it was the same Walking behaviour as the tutorial game, 'cos it had the same name. Should have been suspicious that the tutorial one was so simple :)

@Alexin - Not sure what's going on at your end, but walking anims are playing fine for me and accel values >1 cause the velocity to change noticeably faster. But I will add more comments. I must also fix the bug that allows you to cling indefinitely to a vertical wall :)

Thanks for the feedback!


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I must also fix the bug that allows you to cling indefinitely to a vertical wall :)
It can be the friction setting. See if setting it to 0 solve your problem.
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Thanks, turning off friction did fix it - had the same problem with the Run & Jump kit, which I'm familiarizing myself with now :)