Milford The Ghosts


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I just released my entry for the Stencyl Jam 2012 competition. Here's the description of the game from the site:

"Milford the Ghosts is a shoot 'em up about a ghost named Milford who can shoot himself as a projectile at randomly generated enemies whilst leveling up and taking on spooky bosses. The game was developed in Stencyl as part of the Stencyl Jam 2012 competition."

Check it out at Newgrounds!


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Good game period
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I'm not personally a fan of this type of game but I love the graphics and sound, really cool work :D


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I don't understand this game, but that's what I love so much about it.
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I think you should make the bosses random too as it's hard to beat one of them, nevermind five in a row.


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Excellent! If I were deciding the winner, it would be you.


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Great work, perfect use of random objects and gameplay.


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This is pretty great!

Pixel Pusher

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Newgrounds seems to be down or something. This is the third game that doesn't link right. Irock's game isn't at the end of a link either.

Was gonna play this to see..


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NG is down to me too;  :(
maybe you could put the game on StencylArcade?


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Newgrounds seems to be back up.

Legendary Hoamaru

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Love the enemy variety!  Sometimes the bosses don't show up at all during a run though, maybe give a certain timeframe for those to appear?


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That is one whacky game; I love it!

I have absolutely no idea what was going on, so I just fired at everything.

Was that an upside-down palm tree?
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Sometimes the bosses don't show up at all during a run though, maybe give a certain timeframe for those to appear?
Sounds like a bug, they're set to spawn after 90 seconds. Not sure what went wrong.