Load game doesn't load some stuff right


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Hi, I have used save\load feature in stencyl and noticed that some parameters are not working
On the first scene I am showing some text and music starts playing, but after I save game and reload page, that text is not displayed and music is off.
I have absolutely no idea what's going on (
There is no condition to display text or play music. Seems like  a bug, but I am not sure.
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It probably loads it right, just not as you expected.
Save/Load handles all Game attributes (GA). Your GAs (not only scores) may be loaded to a saved value which is different to what you think, an that is confusing. After a load I reset all relevant GAs to the value they are supposed to have at that point. GAs will have to be reset to default values if that´s what you need and they have been changed before a Save.

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