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How big is the array already? About.. 20x20? so you've already got 400 actors on screen? I might be wrong, but if so this is really impressive!


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slight update

This array is 100*500*3. Only 2/3rds relates to visual data.

The onscreen portion is 30*30*2.

So drawing 1800 actors per frame plus a couple for the character and torches.. is a little slow.

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Can't we just add an adult word filter?  so that for people like me who don't mind, we can leave the adult filter off, and for people who do mind, they can just turn the filter on.  Just my two cents. 

Not trying to offend anyone, just stating my opinion.

Is there any chance that you could remove the expletives please? Many of the users of this forum are young people including my own children.


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naah, chuffbunny is cool. Don't pronounce it as two separate words, mind. Link it together, like 'chuff - a - bunny' that way it rolls of the tongue.