Candy Pop! on the App Store now!


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Hi Everyone,

My 2nd game, Candy Pop! is now available on the App Store.  Download it why not, it's free!

"Got a sweet tooth?

Candy Pop! is a great new casual kids game from Square Bear Games!

Candy is floating everywhere! Pop the candy that appears in the top left of the screen before the time runs out!

Pop the correct candy and get +5 seconds. Pop the wrong candy and lose -10 seconds. Pop a bomb and lose -30 seconds!

Fantastic fun sounds and music by Scottish musician Stuart David of Looper and Belle and Sebastian, try and beat your friends to the top of Game Center leaderboard while listening to this great soundtrack!

Happy popping!"

Download here-!/id539175810?mt=8

Watch the Trailer here-

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I've just played it on my iphone 4s.

Performance is very good and every graphic looks great on retina except for the logo's(fb, twitter, gamecenter and your own logo).

The game it self is somewhat too simple but fun to play! I left you a review on the us app store ;)


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Thanks mzxstosch :) working on my next game just now but already planning an update to Candy Pop to give the gameplay longevity & make it less simple.

I'm also going to sort out the low res sprite problem (forgot to upgrade those! d'oh!)


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Aiming to implement 'Gimme Sum Candy' this week which has a new educational maths based game mode


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Candy Pop now has a new maths mode!  Great for training brains over the xmas period!


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Very nice game! Good job updating it!  ;)


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Thanks so much Managa! The update was tricky but really pleased to have figured it out :)


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Thanks to those that have downloaded the game so far and enjoyed it, please don't forget to rate on the app store :)