Memory leak?


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During startup and before doing anything, StencylWorks uses about 100MB of memory. Every time I open a resource, this increases by 10-20MB (which already seems like a lot). Every time I close a resource memory isn't affected. If I repeatedly open and close the same resource, memory usage just keeps climbing. Once StencylWorks reaches the default JVM max heap size of 512MB, which happens pretty quickly, things (understandably) start moving really slowly. Closing a game has no effect on this, restarting SW is the only thing that helps.
Is it just me?

I doubt they cover things like this, but I've attached my logs just in case.


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We're aware of this but haven't pinned down the exact cause.


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If you'd like to work around this, if you check out the debug EXE we've put up, it uses a limit of 1 GB rather than 512.


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Maybe instead of relying on Java's garbage collection, destroy unused objects manually?

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