Finnicky Block Dragging With Multi-Layered Blocks


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I'm messing around with some old projects I've been working on and noticed that block dragging can be quite a hassle when blocks are layered. It isn't necessarily a bug per se, but its not quite a suggestion either.

As blocks stretch due to the addition of filling fields with more blocks, the "Hit Boxes" for each field stretch as well. This means that a complex math equation can become a real pita when trying to click and move blocks around. The easiest way to work around it is to grab a part of the block where there is static text, i.e. the "x" in a multiplication block.

I've attached a screen shot which shows how the "Hit box" stretches. It's almost like it stretches to fit the size of the block layered immediately beneath itself. You can see this when you have say 3 or 4 layered blocks on one side and 2 layers on the other.

I tested this out in 2.0.1.

Need more info let me know, but if you replicate the image below and then try to drag the radians block by clicking it above the radians drop down, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. The drop down gets selected vs the block being dragged.

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