Change tiles while in the game


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What i want to do is make some tiles dissapear, and make others to appear in the same place when a button is pressed. Is that possible? or do i have to set them as actors in order to do that?


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Actors could work, or the tile API. It depends on the exact needs, and both have their limitations.
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Does the tile API have something to do with coding?

Exactly what i want to do is have 2 types of tiles, lets say black and white. Make the character stand on the white ones, and overstep the black ones, then when a button is pressed, make it stand on the black and overstep the white ones. Also make them look different depending which one can be stand on.
I can do that it if i set them as actors, problem is it reduces framerate too much.

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Last time I tried to use tile API it was bugged...
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