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Stencyl installs (by default) to the Windows profile of the user who is logged in and running the installation. This causes a problem, as when another user logs in, they cant access Stencyl. I work in a school where each pc can have hundreds of users\profiles, so installing it for each user is not an option.

With the installation, there doesnt appear to be anywhere to define the installation location so that all users can access the software. Is there any way around this?


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The choice for the default installation folder is due to technical issue, we're yet to overcome (it's also why it can't be changed).

What you can do, for now, is to copy the whole directory and paste it where you desire. Beware where you place it though, under certain circumstances, the app may not have permissions to write in the selected directory. Set a custom workspace (Preferences) to mitigate this problem.
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