Blocky's Beat Quest!


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Well I appreciate the tips.  I was getting to a point where things were getting buggy... meaning that if I would place a tile or actor in a certain location, the game wouldn't work... but if I deleted it (or sometimes if I used a different actor or tile, it would).   I was able to change the collision bounds on some of the tiles, but not on others.  It was weird.

But anyway I got it working a little bit better I think.  And now I'm weighing whether or not I want to do another platforming style game now that I know what's up, or if I want to try a different concept altogether.  I think I'm going to take a break for a second and see if I come up with another idea.

Anyway I put the game up on Kongregate now, and would love if people could lend me some stars and positive reviews there.  I've seen a ton of out-of-the-box Stencyl games there which is kind of disappointing.  I'm hoping to get more recognition for quality Stencyl games there before there starts to be a stigma against it.  (Not that mine is a "quality" Stencyl game either... but that's another matter...)
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