Are you running into the corrupt resource (or game.xml) bug?


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The log file itself is 22 MB, most of it Out of Memory errors. The first approx. 5 MB of it is perfectly normal, but beyond that, all heck breaks loose.
We should delete logs older than 24-48 hours. I'll look into that.

While testing extensions, I can easily reach 200 logs in a single day. ._.
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I had this glitch a while ago with my old game. A lot of my actors were deleted, but I had over a hundred new behaviors. I deleted the game because I hadn't heard of this before and I was afraid it was a virus, but a lot of those behaviors were new, not replicas of old ones. It kind of creeped me out, because I couldn't find the behaviors on Stencylforge and they worked perfectly.
I got the same bug with my newest game, Monster Age(Check my topic) but I can open my game and use it fine. I also cannot publish my game to the website, but I'm not sure whether that's related or not, since this bug has been going on for a long time before this started happening.


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My screen keep going blank (sometimes with dark stripes). I have to reset my PC, when I come back the game will be corrupt. Most times its the scene, sometimes other things. Its happens on both my my games two games I'm working on at various points. I don't even get the memory errors any more.

How do I post a log here?


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Just happened again. Now lost a load of progress on my 3rd game and corrupted my assets. Totally frustrating.  :'(


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Do you have any logs from the time it happened?

Do you know what you were doing right before this happened?

Did you keep working after getting the 90% memory warning?

Any information you can give us will help us fix this in the future. Thanks!


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No logs (ive turned them on now so will have them for next time).

I had just hit the test game button but beforehand it's crashed at various places, from adding tiles to a scene to editing a behaviour.

Didn't have the memory warning, actually haven't seen that warning for ages now.

I can now make this happen every night (sometimes more than once a night). I just load up one of my games, start working and within an hour or two the screen will go off, I'll have to reset my PC & when I come back I'll get the Scene Corruption error (that can't be fixed) & won't let me back into the game.

At a guess it's looks like a graphics driver conflict or memory leak but that's just a feeling, no real evidence.

Tonight I will log. I'm 100% sure it will crash at some point (it's that bad now) & post the logs.

It's seriously driving me insane. Having to do a save as with a different name for each change I make, I start getting into the design, I forget to name a new save & then bzzzzzing! Crashes. Reboot & it's corrupt. Meh.

Is anyone reporting these problems on Mac/iOS? I'm rather make my games on my PC but will change over to my MBP if it means saving my sanity.


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Took about 40 minutes before it crashed. Black/Grey screen, reboot needed. Didn't corrupt anything this time (yay!) some interesting things in the log right at the end?


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I think you need to keep monitoring your memory load (contrl-shift-esc>) for window-xp. Just look out for java.exe (make sure it does not pass more than 450MB).

I've developed two pretty long games ( I mean spending hours) and have encountered corruption once and lost part of my asset. That's because I got greedy and ignored the 90% warning that time. Another good practice is to do File->Same Game as as much as possible (multiple times a day on my part).

So, at least for me on my old window xp, developing game is pretty streamlined.


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This is the error but when I look under the game folder and I can't find my game!! It isn't there!! I see ALL of my other games but not this one!!!! And because of that I can't post a zip..... Also I do't know where to find logs at... and I don't know if there on or off... I never changed it from default...

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My game was working fine, then I transferred the game folder to Dropbox so I could move it to another computer (imac to macbook) and somehow my resource listing got corrupted. I've attached my game and logs. While I usually restarted after receiving the 90% memory message, that wasn't always the case.


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This looks like an old post, but I don't see another place to ask/talk about the issue. This just happened to me, it rolled back about 3 weeks and my backups also are doing it for some reason. I made several backups of my games, but when I open them they're also messed up. I made a thread about the issue here before finding this one.,
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I've the same problem first it only sad can't open game.xml and if i just tryed again it worked but now it says can't open game.xml and error about resources.


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Happens for me, on a game i have been appending for a long time.. But its not a blocker as i can just ignore the warning and continue to work...

It started happening some time ago, now happens every 2 out of 3 times i open it

I am not sure, but one of the things i was working on, was over-sized and multiple sprite sheets..

Yes, i did have 90% memory warnings that time.

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I ran in the error shown in the attachment.
Stencyl prompts for auto restoring corrupted resources and restarts, but when i try again to reopen the game it shows the same dialog.

Things that could be useful
i had to shutdown the pc while updating windows and lost all the files of the game i was working on(even if i saved before closing Stencyl).
When opening Stencyl after the shutdown it prompted me to sign up and opened the contract dialog.
i accepted the contract and signed up and then tried to open the game attached here.

I always saved and restarted Stencyl everytime the 90%memory error showed up.

About the game lost i didn't lose much as i made a back up copy on Stencylforge yesterday.
However i don't have an early back up of the corrupted game, and would be disheartening to rebuild it from one month ago.I'd be happy if i could save some of the behaviours and copy them in the back up copy.
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