[SOLVED] X of Self and Y of Self acting weird


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I'm running into a problem where the values of X of [self] and Y of [self] are returning (seemingly) odd results. I'm having an actor spawn at the XY points of another actor and when run, the new actor get spawned at random places.
Here are some screen grabs to help tell the story

^See how this behavior calls "points to add" (below)

^See how this behavior spawns an actor at X and Y of self (the enemy just killed)

^This just displays the text at the actor (in this case an invisible pixel) The blocks floating off to the side were removed so that they will stick to the screen to help illustrate the point.

so, anyone have any idea what's up with the XY coordinates? They seem to be working with my explosions....


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In IRC we figured out that the problem is that the actor was being created where the ship died but the text is drawn relative to the position of the actor it's being drawn on so it was like the text was being drawn at (x+x, y+y).

There are two solutions to the problem:
  • use the `switch to screen space` block in Drawning > Transforms
  • draw the text at (0, 0) which would be directly on top of the actor