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alex pang

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My game lags in the browser but not in the game in flash.
what could it be?
I get down to 18 fps while I don't use to many actors. (3-4)
I even have most stuff turned off like continuous collision etc.
I don't have any music and no big scenes, about 320*192.
What could it be then?


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whats the update rate and fixel rate and render rate ?


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Are there other advertisements or anything being shown in the browser (multiple tabs perhaps?). I played a game of Burrito Bison on Kong and it took me 7 minutes for a single "toss". When I scrolled the browser down so just one advertisement was no longer visible on the page, the time it took dropped by more than 4 minutes.
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alex pang

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Yes I did have multiple tabs, but no adverts-
I have like 24 tabs open at same time.

Edit I solved this problem, but not I a way I would like too.
I removed 8 levels from the game, all of the are very small. So I ask you is there any limit on how many levels you can have?

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Disable behavior => test
Disable behavior another behavior => test
Disable behavior another behavior => test
until you find your problem

fun fun fun :D


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The number of scenes has no bearing on the performance of the current scene. If Hectate's idea wasn't the problem, it could be an error in your game (have you checked the console while its running?), or a compatibility problem with the browser you're using (probably not).