[WIP] Cloudy Day


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Hey guys, I recently ported one of my game into Stencyl 3.0 and cleaned it up so that it's functional.

You can play it here:

Don't be afraid to comment and let me know what ya think, here or there. I'm planning on publishing it to Android after improving controls and an art overhaul.

If there's an artist who wants to get some reputation feel free to hit me up about using your art in my game.

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That was fun to play, thanks!


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Honestly, the game is pretty basic and you may need an big overhaul in audio and visuals, if not gameplay to make a stand at an app store.. are you planning a free or a paid title ?


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It´s very basic. You should add enemies, and it would be a nice idea is you let the player use the mouse to control the plane.


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I agree with the sentiments above. The basic gameplay isn't boring from the start, but it loses interest real quickly. Better art and stuff like powerups and enemies would help a lot. Otherwise it won't make a dent on the AppStore.