How can I make enemy fire bullet to the player?


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I've been through the Crash Course2 and now I'm trying to figure out hoe to make enemies fire the bullets back to me. I'm totally have no skill in programing. I spent a lot of time reading here but still confusing. Could anyone help me ??

And ... Do you have answers for your challenges? tutorials?
Hummm.... I really like this program, but need some help now.   :'(


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I think there are some behaviours in the forge for this , but i dont rely on external resources for this I use the block push actor in _xDir _Dirn like this :

after every 5 seconds
Create Actor_Type_Bullet at [X of self]-10 and [Y of self];
Push Last_Created_Actor [Sharply] towar [X of Target]-[X of self] and [Y of target]-[Y of self];
and attach this behaviour to enemy , i have attached a snap code for a quick view


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I know I didnt ask the question but I found it useful. Thanks :)
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