BufferedImage in as3?

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Is there a class similar to the BufferedImage class in java for as3? It needs to be able to set a certain pixel to a colour inside it, because i've managed to make light (finally) but i need this class to make it lagless :P


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I'm not familiar with the class, but a brief look makes it seem that it is very similar to AS3's BitmapData, perhaps? I've done some testing with that and you can change pixels as desired.
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would i be able to calculate where pixels needed to go with translucency then paste 1 image to the screen? i'll look it up...
It appears i can't use translucency :( Thanks for the pointer, by the way :) There probably is a way, only i don't have much time to look, ill check again later :D

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You're looking for Bitmap and BitmapData.

The latter contains the actual image data and provides some methods to manipulate it. The former is a wrapper for the data you can put in the display list.

The page above points to some example and tutorials. Look under 'Learn More', before the properties listing.
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Also, I've been playing around with BitmapData, and even made a sets of Custom Blocks for that. I've just put them on Forge as "Bitmap Utils", but beware - I haven't really documented them. ^^'