Set Background with blocks


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Currently it is not possible to change Background settings while playing.

It would be great if it was possible to have multiple blocks in a category in order to set the Background for example :
- Set "Background" (Choose Background) "Speed"
- "Add/Remove" "Background" (Choose Background)
- Set Background Order
- Set Background "Color" (Solid Color/Vertical Gradient)



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I was thinking of this earlier today as it happens, I was wanting to do something that would have required something like this. I second the idea


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Blocks for altering background properties will be arriving later this year. This is easy to do, but we're pacing our releases, so we have a constant stream of new functionality rather than bursts all at once.

I'm moving this to "Completed" in anticipation of that and will open up a new topic when the feature is in. Thanks.