Move back and forth and randomly stop


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I want my actor to move back and forth and stop randomly and after a few seconds, start moving back and forth again..

I attached the behavior Move Back And Forth Horizontally but i dont know what to do to also make it stop moving sometimes and while it stops it should show the Idle Animation.

Pixel Pusher

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Here is something you can work off of. It seems to work just fine but...

The intended behavior is to start moving at movement speed, move then stop after xx seconds, and if it hits a tile it will also reverse directions.

Perhaps it's getting stuck while hitting a tile at stop speed ( 0 ) and 0 minus 0 is still 0 so therefore the motion stops. Hmm.

I'll work on it too here some. For a note the Created Event only runs once so the looping motion is in the custom Events setup (Start Motion)