[WIP] The Adventure (working title) -Second area tileset done!-


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So I have been working on this the last week. Basics are down, just have to make an actual tileset, and put in sounds/music.

The character is on an adventure.
Each squiggle (yet to be determined what I am going to change this to) gives him a new power.

- Second area tileset done!
- First area tileset done!
- I have updated the player sprites to look more adventure like.
- Levels should be exploit proof. Spikes, lots of spikes.
- Now with a remedial title screen and working save/loading/new game

 Next up: Tilesets!

  To do:
- Music/Sound
- Name the game
- Proper title screen
- Story

Play it here! http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/4230

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I have dropped the whole "hair growth" idea, it was dumb in the first place.  Instead it will be just a standard adventure platformer.

This will give me a lot more freedom with tilesets and a total rework of the main character.

I have finished making the levels, there are 10 total.

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A Saving and Loading System for a game can be found here, and don't be afraid to ask in the support chat, located here.


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Thanks, I have already looked through that article but it doesn't explain how to load. I know how to save my game.

How would I make it so that when I press the load button, or how ever I choose to activate the load behavior, it switches to the last saved scene so as to save peoples progress?


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Well, since there is a "save game and then..."and a "load game and then..."behavior and you know how to setup the "save game and then..."behavior, how would you go about doing "load game and then..."behavior? (I know it's vague but just go with me here.)


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Ah, just noticed that it only saves game attributes.  So would I have to make a Game Attribute for each scene, and have the load behavior have a series of If/otherwise statements to load the most recent scene?

Ahh! It all clicked.  So I would do the above and have it switch to that scene if true.

I've also updated the game with the reworked player sprites.

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Seems like the stage immediately after obtaining the wall jump was supposed to be played by bouncing off one wall to the one in front of it. I just wall jumped into the same walls all the time, from the outside, so as not to get hit by the cannons. The next one, where you start right next to a cannon and a HUGE wall, is completely impossible to beat.

The level where you get the wall jump power up also suffered from slowdown. This is probably due to the great number of bullets on-screen. And in the first part of that stage, with a line of cannons facing upward and downward can be by-passed, simply by running as soon as you respawn. The simplest way to make the cannons effective (without messing with their start-up time) would be to have a long corridor between them and the starting point, so the player can't run straight through.

By the way, you don't really get the wall jump there. I was able to use it as early as in the third stage.

Tweaking the wall jump's angle and strength would be a good idea, too.

Sorry if I'm being a bit blunt here, but that's what play-testing is for.


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Thanks for your response.  I fixed the wall jump before you get it bug.  I shall fix the other bugs and exploits when I get the time.

Blunt is what people need to be so that developers can fix their games, just as long it isn't bashing

Edit: Made the levels exploit proof with spikes, lots of spikes.  I added the corridor like you suggested and the giant wall is not impossible, I just passed it xD
Hint:  Jump 2-3 times and then jump out to let the bullet pass and go back on the wall.

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My game has changed a lot since I first released it, please let me know what you think.

Also if you guys have any ideas on a name for the game let me hear them.


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I am unable to access the first squiggly on level 7. Can't jump high enough (I'm able to get all the way past the cannons.).
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Ya sorry, Just fixed it


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Played the game here. I think it's very good that you can get all the basic mechanics down - your own graphics, walking and jumping, switching scene, enemy attack and even background scrolling. These are basic elements that you can use to fine-tune and build your game/knowledge up. Well done here.

As far as the game goes, I think you need to polish the animation of the main actor itself while walking and jumping to make it more natural. Also, have a health system so that you do not die in one shot. More challenging levels needed too.

But overall a very solid start.