Actor.SetX/Y and Actor.MoveTo bug in init override


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When using the init function, Actor.MoveTo will overwrite previously set Actor.SetX/Y values. This happens with the code blocks as well. This is not occurring with other tweening functions like Actor.SpinTo.

It is possible to correct the problem using a runLater / "do after <sec> seconds" time delay.


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I'm not sure I understand the bug here. When you "slide" the actor, the actor should have a new x/y position should it not? The only problem with sliding, it ignores collisions.
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To recreate the bug, do the following steps:

1) Create a new scene and an actor
2) Create an actor behavior
3) Include the steps in my example photo: Set x:100, Set y:100, Spin 360, slide to x/y:300/300. The durations don't matter.
4) Place the actor in the scene somewhere off to the right (x:300, y:100)
5) Run the game

What should happen: The actor's position is moved to 100/100 and then begins a spin/slide to 300/300.

What actually happens: The actor remains in it's default position 300/100 and then begins a spin/slide to 300/300. The X/Y set to 100/100 is ignored.