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Hey, I wanted to see if there was any artist that wanted to help me create a pokemon-like game, as there's so many people looking for one, but not many games cover the exploration and all that comes with pokemon-like games... it's not a fully developed idea, but we can discuss details...

I'm not asking for someone to do all the work, but if you are good at terrain, or characters or whatever then we can split the work equally... Message me if you are interested, or have any questions.

Just looking for a partner in crime.


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Well I've created some of the terrain already so if you want in on the project, then message me...


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that sound like a good ideal i would love to take part in this. i am a good artist but i am not that good at coding or behavior. To make a Pokemon like game you would need someone that really know how to code or use AS3. however if you can do that i would love to take part in making this game.

sorry my English is not that good.

here is a link to a game i made.

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That made me laugh like mad. I did NOT expect to hear that old track of mine in a game. Hahahahahaa

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