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A work in progress, 2 tutorial level done.

About the game:
It's a puzzler game revolving around blocks, but set in an action platformer environment, so you solve puzzle, but also jump from place to place and kill ennemies as you go. There's alot of different type of blocks and skills you can use throughout the game, and you will find power-ups and be able to buy items such as bombs with coins hidden in each levels. In a nutshell: This game will rock !

You can play it here:

I fixed a bug with collision in small places, I was able to reproduce the bug at the beggining of level 1-2 when you could not push the 2 block column anymore. This is now fixed, and as a result, the game was also updated to make block fall more easily into small holes, even at full speed.


*Bug with block collision in small spaces fixed. i.e: Problem with block column at the start of level 1-2 is fixed
*Block now fall easily into small holes, even when you are going fast, no need to slow to a crawl anymore to make those fall in

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Solid so far, but you might want to add in check points between puzzles, or at least a reset command maybe? It's frustrating how I sometimes couldn't jump off a pit or something or that I had to start the entire level over because I accidentally detonated a blue block.

Also, the key placement feels odd IMO. Dunno, having to hold shift with my left hand while using the same hand for arrows just because my right has to be on the mouse all the time feels awkward.

Oh, and I can't figure out how to jump while keeping the block on the character's head either. Blah.



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For the checkpoint thing, it's already done, but there're won't be any on the tutorial levels.

FOr the holding block on your head, do you mean it doesn't work or that it falls off ? Cause I tested it a lot, and it worked very well all the time, you hold SHIFT while moving, if you jump, you need to stay steady or the change in speed will affect the block and it will fall (gravity thing).

As for the controls, it is the best I could find, so that you can hold the mouse at the same time as you move and do stuff with the character.