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What i am looking for is someone who knows there behavior. Now i am not looking for a pro or anything but you have to know what your doing. Basically i can do all the art work, actors, animation, background and so on and you would do the rest. And everyone will get equal share of what ever we make. 

    -most be 18 or older
    -most have made a game before or take part in one( most people who never made a game would most likely quit half way because they have no ideal what there getting into)
    -know your behavior or AS3.(really looking for someone who can do Save,upgraded,High Score,In-game Store,Enemy AI)(Don't have to be able to do all of this but at less some of it)

About me-
    I am a 21 year old guy. I can do both victor and Pixel art. Animation and so on. I have made only 2 full game. Here is a link to the better one   

So if you are what i am looking for then lets talk.

And here is more of my work.

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Hey man, I'm currently working on a shooter as my first project. It's taking a while because I'm poor at artwork. (all pixel art) I have some art done

and a lot of the game mechanics done, such as all the guns, drops, magnets, and progress on the upgrades aspect.

Anyways, if you want, we can work on something small. We'd need to figure out gameplay and all the mechanics beforehand though.

looking for someone who can do Save,upgraded,High Score,In-game Store,Enemy AI
Save, upgrades, and score is simple enough. I'll need to look up on posting scores on leader boards though, shouldn't be too hard. For Enemy AI, I'm sure it's just coding logic, such as do this when this happens, right? As for In-game Store, I'm assuming you mean something like a Kreds system that Kongregate has? I think that is more difficult and wouldn't be as effective unless the game has really good replayability and/or multiplayer capabilities. I read it a bit a while back on Kongregate and I should be able to get it to work.

Let me know if you want to work together. By the way, I'm only experienced with the flash side of Stencyl.


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