Impressed with Stencyl Community


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I just wanted to point out how excellent Stencyl is for young people and how friendly the community is compared with other forums. 
IMO, the recent example in StencylForge 'new game sandbox'  by Warzone Games and ButterMonster stands out.  In the most friendly way, they challenged each other to Create over a sustained period of time.  They will no doubt be very successful in all they do as a result of what they practice on Stencyl, even if unrelated to games. 


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I agree. i was not expecting so friendly community the first time i posted anything on the forum. but everyone here is supporting and helping.

We are a fine bunch ;)
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It's the PEOPLE! That's what makes Stencyl  so great! A big thanks to everyone who has helped me and continues to help me when I run into problems...and thanks to everyone who shares tips/ideas/resources, without you guys the Stencyl experience would be a lot more scary and lonely!


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Well there are some things that help it too;D
Stencylforge doesn't allow pricing of resources, which means that every downloadable resource can be used, and you can share your progress as much as you want.
When you search for support the question section is well organized and the "new post" button helps to spot new threads as soon as they are made.
Stencyl is also overall less frustrating to use than most IDEs and when there is a strange error it provides enough info.

I just don't know why i'd need to be rough or harsh to anyone on the net:D
To be even more kind i just image the face of someone when he would read my post before posting.

Pro tip:smileys invoke imitation neurons reaction as you would see someone smiling.This allows the reader to understand better the mood of the poster, and he will answer accordingly.And it's hard to say harsh words to someone smiling!
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