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Hey Everybody!

Quick rebuild of a game I made in first year for my course - originally built in XNA but restrictions of my Coding skills meant the game had lots of stuff missing or nonfunctional (Got my C so its all good ^^).

Anyway, whilst blasting out the mechanics for pong in Stencyl, I decided to take what I'd learnt and apply it to revamping dearest Break N' Take.

Basic outline of the game is:

Breakout flipped on its head in which you control a UFO. The player has to deflect a bouncing energy ball into buildings whilst abducting screaming citizens who run along the city streets using a tractor beam.

Controls - Arrow keys left and right and space to enhance the power of your tractor beam!

Link to early build, please give it a try; any constructive feedback would be massively appreciated.

I will be contacting a sound designer in the week to create sound effects and music for the project - those interested also please feel welcome to contact me if interested, the guys who I usually contact are working on two of my other projects!

Screenshots (Apologies that they're morbidly large screenshots)

Thanks for reading!


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I'm a fan.  Pretty cool game you got here.  I like the upside-down breakout style.

You may want to consider making the blocks a bit more distinguishable from the background.  I didn't have any trouble with it but I could tell that other people most likely will.  Also have you thought about slowing the ball down a bit, or speeding up the spaceship?  It's real hard to stay with it, and abduct people.

Creative game so far though and I'd play it for sure.
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Thanks for the feedback, the fantastically helpful points you made have matched the responses given across the board by the other testers. As a result, I have reduced the first layer of the background, reduced the speed slightly of the ball and slightly increased the difference between using the beam and not (increased the speed of the player using the beam). Please give it another try and let me know if its any better. Thanks again!