10 Seconds to Dig a Hole!


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Link to play the game:

You are an orange square with supreme digging powers; while some crazy mad-square, keeps burying bombs under ground; with intentions of destroying the world! you have 10 seconds to dig to the bomb and defuse it or the world is doomed!

Traverse your way through 24 different levels, digging up bombs and saving the world, over and over again. Until you find this mad-square, and stop him for good!

Game Mechanics:
You control the Orange square by moving left, right and down. Left and right are controlled by the left arrow and right arrow. While digging is performed by alternating the 'Z' and 'X' key.

Bombs are always a shade of red. In any instance where there are multiple bombs in a level, each bomb will take on a different shade of red. Also a timer will be displayed for each bomb, to show you how much time you've got to defuse each one.

Fake Bombs:
The Mad-Square is truly evil. On occasion, he will place a bomb of the same shade of red as another. One of them is not a real bomb and is meant to trick you. In some instances, there may be more than one fake bomb in a level!

By simply coming in contact with a bomb, it is defused and it vanishes. You barely even have to touch it and it's gone! Beware; for fake bombs will vanish, but the timer will keep ticking!

Enemies are blue squares. They've been sent to protect the bomb from the orange square. Any contact with a blue square will result in instant death, but fear not! Blue squares are incredibly lazy and refuse to move at all. So just avoid them, okay?

Ok so the story is kind of lame, and is unapparent in the game what-so-ever. Basically this is a Title I was doing for the CreationAsylum Game Rally. I unfortunately missed the deadline, but still managed to finish what I could. All of the work was done in 6 days, which is why it's not the most graphically awesome games out there. And the music was taken from a royalty free music site.

This was my first stencyl project and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I doubt I'll be putting any more work into this game, unless it gets popular. Expect your arm to tire quickly. Youll likely need to take a break or two.


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I have to actually work pretty hard to dig on one of the early levels, where you just dig down. So I really think making digging a little faster would be nice.
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