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Personally, this game should be the representation of what stencyl can do. Seriously. Sure, there's a lot of decent games already (Dangerous Dungeons, Balls in Space, Tiny Guns, etc), but this is pretty much the best one yet (in my opinion, anyways). Awesome graphics, catchy soundtrack, great level design, and hard yet satisfying gameplay makes this game the greatest stencyl game I've played.
Bravo, Greg-Anims. Bravo.
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Indeed. Although you can't specifically say those points exist because of Stencyl.

Anyhow, I managed to beat about 95%? of the stages. The last boss made me ragequit as I do not enjoy repeating the same challenge over and over because I did a mistake somewhere further in the battle. :-\


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Indeed. Although you can't specifically say those points exist because of Stencyl.

I think the point is that games with these desirable qualities can and have been created with Stencyl!

In other words, a game such as this counters any argument that professional-quality games cannot be created with Stencyl.

Sure, Stencyl can be used to create low-quality games, but people don't complain about Microsoft Word because terrible novels can be written with it!
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I've really enjoyed this game! Great work!
BTW, how big is it (size in mb's)?

Dislike: Jetpack,it has been the cause of most my irritating >:( deaths
That happened to me too , but interestingly I find myself going back to play the game again after 5 mins or so .
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Thanks a lot everyone, its really great to get a lot of feedback and encouragement :)

dtrungle - yeah, the last boss circumvents a lot of the design of the game like "not making the player wait", i tried to keep it short and easier than earlier levels so it might not be so rage inducing. Probably could have designed it better by taking a less traditional route with it.

jol - awesome, thanks for the exposure, wish i knew what they were saying haha!

Biruang - 8.3mb, was pretty hard keeping the game this small, portals usually want <5mb


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Awesome work Greg, congrats :D

I played and It's really good and polish.
Everything is good if have pixel art on it...


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jol - awesome, thanks for the exposure, wish i knew what they were saying haha!

Only good things !


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Alright, I beat all the levels, including the boss.

The Good
It has a few neat level design concepts like the floating platforms that you have to push and the switches that toggle tiles. The gameplay never feels stale and the progression is good.

The player handles pretty well for the most part and I appreciate the ability to change the controls. In fact, I'm kind of curious as to how you implemented that. It's something I'd like to have in my games!

The animations between worlds are a cute touch!

The Criticism
I HATE how slowly the player slides down walls. I found myself in several situations where I'm just sitting there waiting for the character to get low enough for me to execute a wall jump.

The game needs some more polish! The most obvious flaw is the way projectiles and stuff simply vanish when they die. They should explode, or turn into dust, or something.

Here, spike balls just kind of appear in front of these
canons and disappear after they hit spikes.

The requirements for gold medals seem a little bit too lenient in most levels. The wanna-be speedrunner in me will recognize obvious mistakes I made only to be awarded a gold medal, and that's kind of disappointing. I don't want to beat the requirement by three or four seconds, I want to work for it, or else I get no gratification.

The game is kind of boring visually. It's essentially a bunch of tiles floating in the air with basic backgrounds. Liven it up, man!

The boss phase where he's spawning a bunch of rotating saws and maces is super easy. You can just stand in the right spot and have them all completely miss you.

A minor thing I noticed is that I have to reconfigure my controls every time I play; they don't save.

Anyway, congratulations on the release and sponsorship! Overall, I had a lot of fun playing.


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Awesome Greg, as usual !


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Quote from: Irock
I HATE how slowly the player slides down walls. I found myself in several situations where I'm just sitting there waiting for the character to get low enough for me to execute a wall jump.
in some stages it is convenient to get stuck to the i think it is well designed,
if you want to get fast to a wall point, just unpress all keys and you will fall quick, press left or right to make yourself stick to the wall again,
one of the fun things of this kind of games is discover keystroke tricks to beat the puzzles as with the blocks or lasers.

Quote from: Irock
The game is kind of boring visually. It's essentially a bunch of tiles floating in the air with basic backgrounds. Liven it up, man!

I like that style clear and brilliant to give objects a 3d aspect. Besides it fits with the sci-fi fantasy theme.

The game is really fun although I felt like wanting more as in 'making monkeys'. Also the jecpac was worth more stages and puzzle situations. The weak part of the game is the boss battle, I would have liked an infuriating and less casual final, I just had to stay put above all with the blue mines, a shame having infinite jetpac fuel.

I would have liked more stages with different ways to reach the goal and stages to free roam for example by being forced to recharge the jetpac or deceive the flying mines. I would have also liked to see more flea monsters interactions and more long travels with jetpac.
The red eyes are frightful ^^

These are the stages I feel like to keep playing after having beaten the game two times, I wonder if it is related to the free of movement or surprising outcomes on every run which I talked about (stages free to roam, mine dodging, different paths with jetpac, new interactions with monsters, keystroke combos..)
- Ramses Temple
- 3 rooms
- Test of time
- Blue buddies
- Fan room
- They like you
- Locked mustache
- Burning eyes
- Mission impossible

All in all a wonderful game, just as with 'making monsters' it is a bit short/casual with more potential to be explored perhaps on future versions for desktop pc.


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Thanks a lot Irock and Kerl, i appreciate in-depth feedback and it helps a lot!

Custom controls are found in captaincomics GUI pack :)

The easy medals and the boss are because i got scared! hahaha, my games are usually:
- challenging
- don't give "false" rewards to hook you (coins, upgrades, achievements..)
- don't "pad out" content

..which goes against what most flash devs seem to be doing - and make my life much harder! There's a certain fear that players will rage-quit and "0 review" your game if you challenge them in the slightest. So i kind of went against my gut and made medals fairly easy to get, and i felt if players had to repeat the final boss many times they'd just get pissed at the game, so i made it easier - probably should have done the boss in a totally different way. I actually wanted this game to make players rage-quit, and then have the game eat away at the back of their head, until they just had to come back and try it again.. super meat boy did that to me and i think any game that you're thinking about when you're not playing is doing something right!

It's an inner battle..between doing what resonates with you or bending to the masses and doing what you know "will be popular". I mean..fuck, just choosing this career path is a battle, it would be much easier to get a job and get regular paychecks for much more money doing easier work, and it would look better on a CV and to your girlfriends parents.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Nietzsche

It would be 1000x easier for me to churn out bullshit upgrades games with no challenge, no design, which give you achievements and pat the player on the back every second and which appeal to "the most people possible", and the day i do that you know i've "snapped" and just don't have the same passion for games anymore, but instead am chasing popularity and money.

/completely unrelated rant hahaha


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Greg, I know that you work for an audience of kiddos who play ten games or more a day but there's gotta be a way to desiggn games with more freedom, for example by making different levels of difficulty after beating the easy ones, sell desktop versions for 10$, make mobile versions of your games considering that people who carry a game on their phone, want it to be really challenging and play it hard just a few minutes as you explained.
Looking forward to your next steps  ;)

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I know the feeling.

Sure, some games are for different people and have different goals, but there are games I've noticed that get the B-fever. The flocks of people (assuming most are kids) just overrate it and then it spreads and becomes huge. I'm not saying that it's bad though, not my point.

I don't quite agree with your false reward statement.
For upgrades, certain genres NEED them, and they give a feeling of gaining something, how you're 'improving', and sometime add variation to the game.
For coins, really, if it isn't used as currency, they shouldn't be there. Except in cases where they are used as collectibles and just for 'fun'.
For achievements, a lot of these are BULL****. I mean, some games have two of these just for collecting, let's say, 10 coins, and then 50 coins, when if you play the game for 30 minutes you can get like 500. A bit exaggerated here but you get my point. Some of these are okay though as they go back to the feeling of gaining something, but yeah, a lot of them comes out of cow rears.