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Brilliant, fantastic work! Very slick!


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What a fantastic and well designed game, great work! To my eyes it's as good as Super Meat Boy etc. I am delighted to see something of this quality can be made by Stencyl!
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Its really good one! Superb job! Very good atmosphere. Great gameplay.


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 :D This looks insanely cool!


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best game for the end of 2012 ;D


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Perhaps the smoothest and most polished Stencyl game yet :D

So far my only complaints are jetpack usage, I would have perhaps put it to the same key you use to jump. Also the character could slide faster, slow sliding becomes partically annoying in level 21, Yaga Temple.


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Thanks a lot for the feedback and praise, it is really great to read after the long isolated haul of devlopment!

I put together a making of video for the game which i hope some people find interesting:


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The grappling hook took me back to Bionic Commando. Nice video!
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How'd you do the grappling hook from a technical perspective?


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I didn't make it! Sam Morrison programmed that, but if i had to guess:

- raycast to each hook within range, choose the closest one, sorting by players look direction
- from there you basically constrain the player to not move any further away from the grapplehook, but keep his momentum, and add a math function to interpolate, somehow giving it a springy feel
- draw a line between the two to make it look like a grapplinghook
- we were also going to smooth-rotate the player sprite so that his head faces the grapple-point, to make it look more like he is swinging

You could probably google and find an answer much better than this!


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You could also connect the character to the hook with a distance (stick) joint.
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Badges on Kongregate. You already had my respect for making a very polished game, now you have my admiration for achieving this, congratulations!
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