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Hey people- I've been working on a lot of platformers lately, and I realized that when I was younger I didn't really look to Flash games for platformers, I looked to them for arcade-ish games. So I want to work on an arcade game.

I'm looking to collaborate with someone. I stink at coding, even with Stencyl, so... yeah. Here's a description of the game....
Also @Epic- I'm still totally going to work on our game, it's just that I have so much damn free time and I need something to do.

OK here's what this game is:

It's like a rhythm game. But we won't package it as such- in those games, it's important to have good music, and have it be all about the music. We won't do that. However, we will make a game that is fun like them.

This is just a mockup. I know it looks awful, the real game will look better

It's a lot like this: http://www.play181.com/games/8665/crazy-cabbie.html except top down. You move side to side (not forward, because it's important the player only focuses on going side to side) between 4 different lanes. cars will randomly appear and, using space, you will hop over the cars. like crazy cabbie, you will only have a certain amount of time to reach the end of each level. of course, right after you finish a level, another one starts again. As you get further into the game, the faster it goes, and the less time you have to finish. In theory the game could go on forever. The movement is kind of on a grid- you can only move from lane to lane, and there's no in-between. If you are in lane 1 and you press right, even once, you're in lane 2.

so you're probably thinking, "this is just a top down clone of crazy cabbie but with 4 lanes." Well, that's an accurate analysis. I love Crazy Cabbie- I'm always playing it. but for the sake of originality, I will now talk about ways to separate this game from its inspiration.


Powerups will randomly appear. However, there is kind of a way to determine when they will come- the longer you are playing, the more likely it is for a powerup to appear. You have to hit the powerup with your car to capture it.

Once you obtain a powerup, it will go into one of three powerup slots. There they will wait for you to activate them. If you have all 3 slots occupied, then no new powerups will go into your posession. This will force the player to cut their losses, get rid of their powerups early, and hope for a super-powerful powerup later on. If you want to use up a powerup without actually using it, you can “throw it in the trash” by pressing a button.

Here are the different kinds of powerups that there are:
-+5 seconds: adds 5 seconds to the clock
-+10 seconds: adds 10 seconds to the clock
-Speed Up: The clock keeps going, but you go faster. This will make the game trickier- but it’s good for a desperation attempt to beat the clock.
- Slow Down: The clock slows down as you slow down. That way, it just makes the game slower, without punishing the player. In fact it helps the player a lot, because it makes the game easier.
- Missile: Why hop when you can blast an enemy in front of you?
- x3 Missile: Why hop three times when you can blast three enemies in front of you?
- 5 Sec. Invincibiility
-10 Sec. Invincibility

Well, that’s it for now. If you’re interested in this project, just post away.


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I am interested, so count me in please. But you'll have to wait for final b368 build as updating to preview is kinda hard for me (it isn't matter of replacing sw.jar and engine.swc, but lot of other files)

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I do like your concept game Ethan! I hope to see it when it is finally completed. Should you need any help let me know.

On a side note: Sorry it is taking some time for us to get our game moving, once the demo is completed we should move a lot faster. I've just been unemployed for about 5 months now, and have been looking for job, that and due to my setup, my body kinda hurts after being hunched over for long periods of time lol.

On yet another Side note: my new mouse should be here in a day or two, so I won't get pissed off at my computer and SW because they decided to stop dragging items randomly, as well as double clicking randomly.
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@darkhog: Okay, I'm going to wait a while before I pick someone to work with. Don't take it personally, I just want to see who is interested.

@Epic428: Oh dude don't worry about it. Obviously this is just a hobby, life comes first.


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I am interested, so count me in please. But you'll have to wait for final b368 build as updating to preview is kinda hard for me (it isn't matter of replacing sw.jar and engine.swc, but lot of other files)
What problems are you facing? You only have to replace six files, the only "catch" being boot.txt. Replace the one from your workspace, if you're using one, or replace the one in SW folder.
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I really like this concept. I loved these 2D arcade-style games, but I haven't seen many these days. I wish you luck.