Duck Duck 2.0 (Duck Rush) - My first game is on the app store!


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Duck Duck is a very simple touch game with duck and other farm critters running amok.
Game Center support includes: Score Leaderboard and 10 achievements.

Here's a few promo codes if anyone wants to give it a look see.
Please post if you used the code. :)


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Version 2.0 of the game has been released and it comes with several  features and changes.

1. Name change! Duck Rush is the new name. Much better methinks
2. Widescreen!
3. Two more levels each with music and new obstacles.
4. Graphics tweaks and changes.
5. Bug fixes. Yay!


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Hi sgtcrispy,

I took the 3rd Code. The last one was also used by someone else.

Here are some Impressions of your game.
+ Gameplay and idea
+ Soundeffects and music

- The pixel style is great, but could be a bit more polished up.
- The points could be added to the screen, it tooks to much time to switch the screens to lool at them.
- Ducks/animals are sometimes not tapable when some objects are over them, like the leafs, even when i tap the duck which is only covered a bit by a leaf.

I hope the suggestions help you to polish your game a little bit more. But these are only my opinions.

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The leafs, ect, are made that way on purpose. Otherwise you could nab them as soon as they appeared on screen. Although the hitboxes for them, I agree, need to be formed a bit differently.

It didn't even occur to me to add the score onscreen when playing (herp derp), will add.

Graphic wise, yeah totally agree. Doing what I can and hopefully improvements will follow. :)

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, I really appreciate it.


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Congrats on getting it on the store :D