Looking to hire artist: sprites for endless running game


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I'm making an endless running game for middle school students (both top-down and side-scrolling versions in development) and I really need a top-notch running sprite for the main character.

The character should be an African American kid (gender neutral if possible) wearing a maroon and orange hoodie, jeans and sneakers. (no baggy jeans, please!) I'd like running, jumping and standing cycles both from the top down and from the side.

This is for a health-based game called StepStream, and will be played by middle school kids as part of an after school fitness program. I have some money in the budget to pay an artist (so make me an offer) but as this is a nonprofit venture I don't have a lot!

The style depends on your skills. Ideally I'd like something bright and cartoon-like but not caricatured. I want these kids to be able to see themselves in the character.

Anyway, please let me know if you're interested and we'll chat. Looking to get this game finished by the end of January so my replies to you will be timely!