Photo vs Pixel art into gameplay? Unrealistic?


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Instead of using pixel based reusable art I need to use photography - is this unrealistic due to file size? (for example a single panoramic photograph would represent one level of gameplay). Also using video (created in after effects) in the cutscenes.

Am I asking Stencyl for too much? The style of the game isn't 3d, it's more of a photo cutout style... I have a background as a graphic designer (vs game design) and I would love to use my style in a new type of game that's never been done before...


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StencylWorks doesn't care if the an image is pixel art or photography. Make sure the size is under 2880x2880 pixels, for a single image.

About video, we don't officially support it, but a user made a behavior that plays streaming video, I think.
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Photographs may be too large of a file size depending on how much photos you use and how big the photo is. If your game is stand alone then you don't have to worry about file size but if it's on the web on a flash game portal then you will be running into some problems.