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If anyone here is interested: https://www.freelancer.com/projects/Game-Design/Stencyl-Game-Needed-Match.4117901.html

The description is as follows:

I would like a Match-3 style game that is like the facebook game Bake Shop Drop (http://apps.facebook.com/bakeshopdrop)
I do not want the facebook aspects, and it has to be both flash and iOS App.

The requirements are:
1) Three "Shops"
2) Each Shop has 3 levels
3) Each shop is only 1 scene, where you have to get a set score in a set amount of time to move to the next level.
3) To move from one shop to the next, you must complete all 3 levels in a given shop
4) Tweening must be smooth.
5) Score for each set of items matched will float up the screen to the score region
6) Use stick graphics found at opengameart.org (128x128 scaled down for the universal apps)
7) Shop/Level Selector
8) Make use of layers
9) Must have multiple actor sets for the game blocks (gems, balloons, coins, whatever you pick)
10) 4 "bonus" items that will be found at random intervals and have varying effects (all like color/gems re-aligned in rows together, "collect" 5 rows x 5 columns around the item, knock out 3 rows, knock out all of one type of block/gem/color on the playfield)
11) Bonus items are found, and placed at the top of the screen for the player to use at will.

http://opengameart.org/users/gameartforge has a great selection of icons for the game blocks.

If you have questions, I have answers.

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He really should have put it into the post, but according to the link, it's $30 - $250 (a very wide range)
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