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is there a way to make a torch provide light like in the maze example game how the light surrounds the player followed by darkness?

i tried copying the "draw light radius behavior but i could figure it out, does it have something to do with layers in the scene?


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To simulate a torch effect you could put a solid black image over the screen. Have the actor on the top layer, the black image below the actor, and everything else below that. Now make another image with a big circle cut out of the middle, and have it replace the black image with that one upon using a torch. You could use transparent colors and the "checkerboard effect" to make the radius look like it gradually darkens.

Of course this is only one solution, there's probably other ways about doing this. I just remember doing it this way back in the days I used RPG Maker 2k3.


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Also, Alexin was working on a Light Source behavior. I believe it's on forge, but I'm not sure.
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