Stencyl is not working properly.


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Stencyl is having problems loading anything other than the starting screen. Whenever I click on "Kits" I have to hover my mouse over them to get them to show up and even then they don't always show up. Also, when I click the "test scene" or "test game" button, no window pops up.

I'm running the program from Windows Vista on a Dell XPS M1330.


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Would you be able to upload a log of this? Posting a log will help the Stencyl Team figure out where the problem is.

It's possible there's an issue with your copy of StencylWorks. A fresh download might fix the problem as well.


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I am locking this topic due to being a duplicate of this one:,1828.msg12951.html#msg12951

This will make it easier to solve the issue.
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