My audio behaves in a strange way

Essere Caprino

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While compiling my game I get the "90% memory usage" error. When I open the compiled file everything works well except audio. Some sound effects and one of the background musics doesn't work and the other background musics loops only the first 3 seconds of their duration.
If I cut some pieces of my game the "90% memory usage" error disappear, but the audio keeps not working. I posted the logs, I hope they'll be useful.
Please help me, I have been working on my game for 8 month and I don't want to lose everything now.


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Try deleting and re-adding the sound files. Stencyl is known for accidentally corrupting the sound files.

Also, try deleting your duplicate post here in the forums ;).
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Essere Caprino

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I tried readding the sounds for three-four times already but the problem persists.