Should I make it as a game, novel or movie?

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(Please Help!) Game, Novel or Movie?


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Hi everybody!
I got a great idea for a story! It's about a young woman, she's sick of her work, her family, generally everything. She drinks and smokes. The player/reader/viewer follows her, as she gets more and more insane and depressed, while she starts to mix up reality and fantasy.

But I have one very, very important thing to decide on before I can make the story. Should I make it in which of following ways:
Game (a lot dialog-based)
Movie (would be made with vector art)

Please help me decide, since I can't write the story, before I've decided how to write it.


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This all depends on your abilities and resources. I doubt you'd make a great film, novel or indeed game without either.

What do you have experience with already? What tools do you have? What is your area of expertise?
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