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Hi!  I'm having a small difficulty making a enemy movement behaviour for a top down action rpg game I'm making.  I based it off the space shooter behaviour found in the starter kits.  I added a random number generator to add variation to the enemies movement so I don't have to script a path (that'll be for the next behaviour).  The problem is after the first movement change the enemy starts going "crazy" and changes it's movement direction multiple times per second, so I think the problem is somewhere in how I handle the random number.

Here's the behaviour.  Thanks in advance for any help!  I'm sure it's just a stupid tiny problem on my end.

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You are telling the game to create an event timer 100 times a second with a duration of randomNumber for each of them. You need to rework the logic by creating the timers only once, when needed.


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There are two major things I see:
1. Understand "always": Always coding runs every frame. Thus, as soon as you start the coding, it will keep on going. While you are telling it to do something every n seconds... that's "ALWAYS do this every n seconds", so you are making literally infinite numbers of loops.
2. Understand the "Do every n seconds": This loop only takes in the value ONCE. Say the first time that it runs through, it gets a value of 4 seconds... then it will keep doing the loop every 4 seconds, never changing the amount of time.

Solution: Make a custom event, such as "SetMovement" (Add Event -> Advanced -> Custom Event):

At the end of "When Created":
Do AFTER (RNG from 4 to 10) seconds
   Tell this to SetMovement

(New event: "SetMovement")
[Place all of the coding that was inside your "Random Number Generator" "always" code, EXCEPT the "do every n seconds" part]
At the end of that coding, add the same statement as above:
Do AFTER (RNG from 4 to 10) seconds
   Tell this to SetMovement

The idea is to make a self-referencing method that will occur AFTER random times (instead of while a single random time). That should solve all of your issues at once (be sure to then delete or turn off your "RNG always" code).
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Thanks a lot man!  It's working sweetly.  I seem have to screwed up my collision settings in the process, but that's no big deal.  Attached are the changes.

Thanks for the input, if Tuo didn't post I woulda pestered you on suggestions.

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