I can't publish my game


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I can't export it in SWF. After saving it says to me: Unable to export SWF to te requested location. (Check your logs. Usually, the cause is an incompatible sound file).

And when I try to publish it in stencyl: Stencyl could not publiosh your game, verify your internet connection.

I am connected to internet.

If i try to google chrome: Unable to export, Check your logs, the icons you picked may not exist.

what is wrong? thanks.


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Hi, i'm Fedora's user. I installed Stencyl with wine, but when i want publish my game, the options to convert to Flash is
simply disabled. I don't know why, i would somebody help me please.

Sorry everybody, my english is bad.


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I was having the exact same problem as GenyLeong. Finished the tutorial games, but when I went to publish the  game to Web the Flash, HTML5 and Chrome Web Store weren't active. I just saved the games and closed the program, and when re-opened they were available.