Original game music. Indie-friendly prices (I'm an indie dev too)

So I make my own games and I do the audio for them too. I also make game music for other indie devs. Being an inde myself I understand that budgets are not going to be huge so I'm happy to make tracks at indie-friendly prices.

Here are a few examples of tracks I've done recently. If you need some original music for your game feel free to get in touch. Email is generally the best way to contact me: shaz [at] honeytribestudios [dot] com.

Trailer music for my game Ashley Ao. Action and atmosphere combined for a sci-fi game.

Level and boss music for Frenzy Pop by Al4red Games. Cartoony and sometimes manic for a fast paced platformer.

Dynamic soundtrack and sound effects for my game Honey Tribe. Each game element has it's own musical theme. So they can trigger at any point depending on the what is happening in the game. So all the loops need to sound good in any combination.

Trailer music for a game jam entry I was part of, Captain Obvious. Cartoony and upbeat. Didn't make this on the day, this was a track I'd already done and is part of a music pack I released.

Boss music for Sector Zero by Creashock Studios. Tension and action for a sci-fi game.

Level music and sound effects for Pufferfish Pile Up for Paul Mcrealind. Underwater, floaty and easy going, then with a slightly tense section. But nothing too serious.

Dynamic music and sound effects for another game jam entry, Little Miss Left Behind. Child-like and innocent and also a layer of panic (being lost) and loneliness. As you might be able to tell, this game jam - MolyJam 2012, was all about humorous and absurd game ideas :)

Music and sound effects for my game McBank. Atmospheric, eerie and slightly melancholic. Always in the background and never too prominent, leaving the player to concentrate on the puzzles.