Malaika Princess : The game [PERFORMANCE HELP NEEDED ]


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I've made an indie animation in 2008 , released some years after on vimeo
and such
It was called malaika princess : the champions , a fantasy adventure about special characters moving with magical water under their feets (i know)

The game will be a reboot from the universe , i hope making an anime opening for that new game

The game will not be a puzzle like star and light but more fun and more easy.
Shorter also.

I've start with this build : move the character around with arrow and get the circular orb to be able to Dash . The dashing in ground works kinda well , but in air , the dash is bad , i dont know why
In air she shakes like a crazy , why ?

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ok !
So there will be a "boss rush" game

I'll officialize that later if i go through this and far

It' will be a little game of 10/12 bosses to defeat.

Here is the first boss to beat
You have the level before to resolve
It's simple , supposed to be simple

The bosses will be kinda hard and die retry type
I'll try to put some enigma in them

I hope the gameplay experience will be cool

I hope it to be enough interesting for everyone

So to explain more in details

The game concept is to defeat some giant "ancestral" weapons
I'll give the story way later

The mecanics of the game are simple
You control the heroine and your mission is to destroy a weapon , mostly blade-typed (since Malaika princess is a fantasy-peplum type universe)
Each weapon have a Core (like the colossus in the ps2 game)

You have to destroy this core to beat the weapon's soul

How to strike the weapon?
By using the dash move (press Z ) : Just use it on the target like the heroine were a bullet.
If the weapon get more blood on its "skin" , then you stroke it in the right way.

You have to beat this "form" weapon three times.(normally you'll have to check the visual to know what damages you caused)

Some infos are missing but it's a wip.(the presentation is lame , sorry for that)

The game

Strategy (dont read it if you dont want help) :
This build is supposed to be easy

First , get to the gravemark and press Z
After you have to go to the exit , to the flag as fast you can (basic speed stuff)

After you have the boss
To defeat the fishing spear , you have to strike the green core three times.
You have to do it fast or the danger will get more close to you.

Wait until the weapon attack and strike with the dash on the core

Dodge from left to right to be able to dodge easily

Your health bar is three blow content.

For the production value :
I still plan different endings
I'll remove a ton of towns and side-levels (like riding animals)
I'll try to put a zone attack on the weapon bosses , that could allow people to destroy bosses differently (but i need to think about it)


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New update
the three first boss are complete

There will be like 8 total bosses

I got that i should make fast games

I hope to put a replayability in malaika princess


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Several changes were made !

Fourth boss added.
No real environment graphic started , i concentrate on coding and making all of that a game
When you groundpound attack you can create some life orb for your jauge , very useful ( abit easy now ?)
You can press A to invoke a giant fish missile but it's useless for now.

The fourth boss is the sword in the far left , it's the strongest weapon you gonna fight !(for now)
be careful on those attacks , the fourth boss have three forms , three weapons , three styles and presenting some special attacks for the two last forms

The special stage with the giant tree is to regain energy.

Proof of foruth boss beaten.

and a little video

Never ever give up


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Hi !
New video on the game

The game is an action tower defense game

Hope you'll like it
Tell me your thoughts if you want!


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Up , new videos
I hope to release an early build soon , really want to know what people think about the new version !

The songs are placeholder


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That looks beautiful! The concept of a tower defense side scroller is interesting. Can't wait to see it finished!


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thanks very much !!
The weapon design is a placeholder , need more work but a game demo where you can battle it is on the way!


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Sweet! Will keep an eye on this thread.


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Ok so big up

The playable demo is there !!!
Nothing finished much yet BUT i need some comments on this

I plan to simplify the game more and more since it have frame per seconds issues , it kinda slow on my computer

Play the game , on the city (with the fishy house) go on the left , and pick the scythe only

I want comments on
:Fluidity , fluidity after a while
:Fun of the game
:repetitivity , if yes , how ?
: Attacks of the Boss (red leaf , red fireball , ground meteor)
: behavior of the boss (too much ? )(
If you can't beat the boss , no worries , just play for a while , try freely

When you are touched by red leaf or red scythe , you can loose your ability a while (A button wich fires water spirit fishes)

Basically how to beat the weapon, use his projectiles , also don't let the projectile go beyond the right limit of the screen , the village is on this road
The life jauge is the village and villagers you are assigned to protect , the game stops when this bar is filled out

When you touch a classic projectile , you froze him , Fish launch them into an icy form
Make connections , try stuff , play a lot to discovers stuff
When you froze a projectile , after a while the frozen projectile disappears

Ok i stop right ,good game!

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I need to work on the fish action button ...
Key arrow to move and A to Fish projectile
Z to dash


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New video !
Show some ability like using totem wich arrives on your road

Few thing graphically to make it pretty but it's really fun to create
Happy with what i have got.
Who is interested there ?


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So much happened since i first started the project !

New video gameplay !

No infos , i'll explain myself soon


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Long time , i upload here a version close to the end

I need your help to know if the FPS is good

In my home i get sometimes 20 fps ,  i need some guys here to tell me if the FPS are good and what i do wrong ???

The game can be found here

It's kinda my first beta public test but the game have some stuff to be removed and added (there is one attack , the giant does wich will be removed

So I want people to help me notice how the framerate is , that's the point of the dropbox link
It's a swf game so please if you want , pick it and tell me the fps you got , go check it ingame at the up right corner of it

There is no invincible mode so you gonna have to play a bit

To play :
In the beginning : N then ENTER (will be changed later )
Ingame commands : keyboards , enter is for the super

Concept :
Go trough the yellow cubes (totems ), yellow and black, red are to avoid obviously
Boss touch you, game over, game is endless, competitive is the key to this game (but not here now )
To avoid being touched by the Boss (omirokan) , enable the totems by touching them , going through them , and turning them into  device to block the boss, they become blue the most time , but you can touch them using different moves and enable different attacks
Another way to be touched ans survive is to pick up a Water ice Goddess of protection , she have a shield in her hands

Superman jewels style  improve your score

Boss attacks and projectiles wich touches you will make him rush to you, there is no life jauge

To use the SUPER, touch a black totem, and then you can press ENTER to see how it goes !

If i get enough feedback , i'll take the link down

remember , i need the fps , please , try to play long to see if the fps stays good


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Played it for 15 minutes, on Opera browser v40.0.2308.81,
with Flash Player v23.0.0.185. Twice.
First on an SSD. Second on a normal HDD.
Pretty stable on my PC, 60 fps. (except when changing Scene, drops to 52-58 fps for a second)
But it has a bit of memory leak.

My PC is not new. Its already 6 years old.

Windows 7 64bit
i7 2600 (3.4GHz - 3.7GHz boost)
GTX 580 1.5GB VRAM

Are you testing it on a laptop?

Unless you are targeting for web release,
why not go for desktop target instead (exe)?
It has a much better memory management, speedier,
and can handle much more content with stable performance than Flash on a lower end PC.
And much easier to profile too.