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Malaika Princess : The game [PERFORMANCE HELP NEEDED ]


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Thankies kramergames

I'm working on another public beta!
Will be up soon


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Hi guys
I made yesterday a crazy thing
My game when i test for some reasons goes from 15 to 20 fps on windows 10 normal mode
I restarted after trying to delete an antivirus on safemode to do so
and then i decided to try my game there on safe mode and lmao

It worked really fine , like better _> 50/60 fps !

Here is the windows normal mode

less fps as you can see

Do any people have that ?
Safe mode better performance ?

I'm currently running and trying to clean my pc , it seems i have a ton of dumb processes running out and dragging it down

I will also release a beta and will be sure how the fps performance turns out


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My game now runs at 60 fps
III and others like merak i think  who got 60 fps with my previous build , i get now why !
My laptop was configured on Power save economic options OMG !
If you do this , flash games will lag , at least on my home
Again , if you have trouble , go on power Normal or better , not power save