Error When Clicking on Buttons


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Hullo! Rowanth here!
So, I am working on a simple Point&Click game to upload to Stencyl and maybe even its own little site.:) Everything is working fine, except for one little thing... an error. Game navigation, like with most Point and Click games, is done via clicking on buttons to take you to a different scene. My buttons work fine, but you can click on them even if the mouse is not over them. They have a "clickable radius" which is larger than the button graphic, which is really bugging me, because you can accidentally press the play button even if the cursor was a couple centimeters away, for example, but that problem applies to all buttons I have made so far. Help is appreciated!


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I'm pretty sure that the "Click" feature activates if the mouse is released on the graphic's actual size, including transparency.  Either that, or the size of the collision box.  What I would recommend is seeing if tweaking the collision box size will affect the graphic.  If that doesn't work, instead of running your logic through the actors, try creating regions around them and having a "When Released in Region" code.  That should definitely solve your problem.


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It uses the image's actual size. You can use 'Mouse Click on Collision Shape' (something like that) behavior in the stencylforge. I recommend it if you have a lot of this problem as it's easier then creating a lot of regions. This behavior does not work in 3.0 however.