Die, Bride!


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So, a wedding is supposed to be a momentous occasion, right? A time where two people pledge to spend the rest of their lives together, in wedded bliss. What about when those two people are a retired superhero, and a reformed supervillian?

Meet Rachael Hunter, formerly The Emerald Nuke, who has decided to marry Ellis Neen. Neen used to be known a the trickster Mistero, who committed a number of minor, yet strange crimes.  His most notable 'heist' was breaking into the local jewelers just so he could fill all the cases with peanut butter. But, with years of meds and therapy, he's back to being a well-adjusted, functioning member of society. Or is he?

Unfortunately, Rachael finds herself stranded at the altar in one particularly weird case of 'runaway groom'. When she enters the room, The place is covered in soot, bird seed, and is abandoned except for chickens, who all sit in place of the guests. Before she make heads or tails of this mess, men with guns show up to try to take her! Needless to say, she's all very confused by this, and also very, very angry. You won't like her when she's angry.

So Rachael begins a city-wide search to find her 'hubby'. 

This is going to be a brawler/shooter with RPG elements.
Rach's abilities are abnormal strength, and speed. She's not superwoman by any means, but can definitely outperform an average human being.
She can also shoot balls/disks of energy.
Whenever a hit connects, a meter at the top of the screen will fill up a little. When this is all full up, Rach will enter Frenzy Mode, destroying everything on screen, and leaving her impervious a little while after.
After Frenzy Mode is over, you'll notice that's she's looking a little worse, as the unpredictable nature of the frenzy can smudge her makeup and tear her clothes. Her appearance at the end of the game might affect the ending.
She can collect glowing oranges. Ones that glow yellow give health, red adds to the frenzy bar, blue subtracts from the bar, white repairs appearance, and plain orange you can collect to buy upgrades and such. Why? Everyone loves oranges.
There will be photos to collect which can be viewed in a secret area.
Obviously, this game is very weird, and as it progresses, it will just get weirder and weirder.

Actually, the photos and appearance thing might of might not be there. Seems like a tough thing to pull off. I dunno, but I'll try.


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Sounds like a great concept. Will you be posting prototypes during development or will I be waiting a while to try some gameplay?
Currently working on my upcoming stencyl game SUPER Bear Hunter: Apocalypse. You can play what I've got so far here http://bit.ly/Kf743Q